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Maico Parts

Maico Parts

We are the largest maico suppliers of quality parts and accessories worldwide. 

"when only the best will do contact the experts 24/7"

Maico Only PFR Performance Race Exhaust 490 1981 TQ

CODE: maico490 81 tqpipe

In stock
Maico Only / Engine, Chassis, Exhaust / Maico
Maico 490 81 TQ Pro Form Racing Exhuast/Pipe

Minimum quantity for "Maico Only PFR Performance Race Exhaust 490 1981 TQ" is 1.

Billet Triple Clamps 36/8/42mm Maico Only

CODE: MO-00008

In stock
Aluminium / Chassis, Billet / Maico
Billet Triple Clamps36/38/42mm Maico Only New design lightweight alloy Billet Triple clamps. Available for all models, These can come complete and made... More

Minimum quantity for "Billet Triple Clamps 36/8/42mm Maico Only" is 1.

Seat Covers MOR

CODE: MO-00098

In stock
Leather / Seat / Maico
Maico Onlys - seat covers black "hard wearing " smooth £39.00 , also Gripper in 2 tone black as show bikes  available and two tone coloured seats... More

Minimum quantity for "Seat Covers MOR" is 1.

Maico Only PFR Performance Race Silencers

CODE: MO-maicoonlypfrracesilencer

In stock
Maico Only / Aluminium / Silencer, Fuel, Engine, Chassis, Billet / Maico
Maico Onlys PFR Peformance Race Silencers Maico Only & Pro Form Racing established now for many years have been serving the USA & Worldwide, providing... More

Minimum quantity for "Maico Only PFR Performance Race Silencers" is 1.

Billet Thor Swing-arms

CODE: thor swingarm maicoonly

In stock
Aluminium / Chassis, Billet / Maico
Billet Thor Swingarm Maico Only Thor Billet Swinging Arms as made by and recomended by maico only. Lighten your bike and strengthen it too.. robust alloy... More

Minimum quantity for "Billet Thor Swing-arms" is 1.

Maico 1981/2 490 Reed Valve Race Engine

CODE: maicoused490engine

In stock
Maico Only / Maico
Maico 81/82 490 Reed Valve Engine

Minimum quantity for "Maico 1981/2 490 Reed Valve Race Engine" is 1.

Maico Only Frames

CODE: MO-Frames

In stock
Maico Only / Chassis / Maico
Maico Only Frames. WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO!!!

Minimum quantity for "Maico Only Frames" is 1.

Two Stroke Oils castrol a747

CODE: MO-00049

In stock
Two stroke oil / Lubricant , Engine / Yamaha, Castrol, Suzuki, Ossa, Montessa, Maico, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, Honda, CZ
Two Stroke Oil castrol a747 use only the right oils !!! Two Stroke Oils as recomended by maico only. Two Stroke Oil castrol a747 - Contains 1... More

Minimum quantity for "Two Stroke Oils castrol a747" is 1.


CODE: MO-00029

In stock
Engine, Controls / Maico
Maico only s -Heavy duty Engineered Kickstart comes complete . Tops & bottom knuckle  each piece is engineered to compliment each other and thus prevent... More

Minimum quantity for "Kickstarts" is 1.

Motoplat Ignition Systems

CODE: MO-01920

Engine, Electrical, Used / Maico
Used motoplat ignitions in various conditions

Minimum quantity for "Motoplat Ignition Systems" is 1.

Decompression Lever - Vintage

CODE: MO-00159

In stock
Cables, Controls, Accessories / CZ, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Maico, Montessa, Ossa, Suzuki, Yamaha
Decompression Lever - Vintage

Minimum quantity for "Decompression Lever - Vintage" is 1.

Ohlins Twinshock

CODE: MO-01928

In stock
Suspension, Chassis / Suzuki, Ossa, Maico, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, Honda, CZ, Yamaha
Made to order 10 days bespoke to you !

Minimum quantity for "Ohlins Twinshock" is 1.


CODE: MO-00024

In stock
Engine / Maico
Maico Only Stock engines/restored engines . Usually built to special order - all years all models, piston port or reeds. check our stock....and prices.... More

Minimum quantity for "SERVICE DEPT/ NEW / ENGINES" is 1.

Front Billet Brake Plate "Kit" Maico Only

CODE: MO-billet front brake kit

In stock
Maico Only / Aluminium / Brake, Billet / Maico
NEW Maico Only Billet -Front brake kit Maico Only's Front Billet brake Kit, a must for the Serious racer's, more stability and power braking!!... More

Minimum quantity for "Front Billet Brake Plate "Kit" Maico Only" is 1.

Maico Only Gasket Set 83 500

CODE: MO-gasketset 83 500

In stock
Maico Only / Engine, Accessories / Maico
Maico Only High Quality Gasket Set 83 500

Minimum quantity for "Maico Only Gasket Set 83 500" is 1.

Maico 80-83 Red MOR Tank

CODE: MO-6713 MOR redtank

In stock
Maico Only / Fuel, Chassis, Plastic / Maico
Maico 80-83 Red MOR Gas Tanks

Minimum quantity for "Maico 80-83 Red MOR Tank" is 1.

Wheelsmith Clutch Spring

CODE: MO-01897

In stock
Aluminium / Accessories , Engine / Maico
Wheelsmith Style Clutch Spring

Minimum quantity for "Wheelsmith Clutch Spring" is 1.

Maico Manifold Rubber Short

CODE: MO-manifold rubber short

In stock
Maico Only / Rubber / Air intake, Accessories , Engine, Fuel, Chassis / Maico
Maico Carb Rubber for Manifold

Minimum quantity for "Maico Manifold Rubber Short" is 1.

Kickstart Shafts

CODE: MO-00173

In stock
Engine / Maico

Minimum quantity for "Kickstart Shafts" is 1.

Maico Only Conrod Kits 250 68-82

CODE: MO-4163

In stock
Maico Only / Accessories , Engine / Maico
Quality Conrods for Maicos Full kit - Inc Small End Bearing!

Minimum quantity for "Maico Only Conrod Kits 250 68-82" is 1.

Manuals- ALL

CODE: MO-00090

In stock
Technical / Maico
We stock most manuals ,  76/77?...78 magnums? 81 owners and technical manuals? 83 evo? The master parts manual all yrs in the one book...vintage 73-77... More

Minimum quantity for "Manuals- ALL" is 1.

Maico 80 - 86 Red Budget Front Fender

CODE: MO-6493 - 7895- 8657 budget fron

In stock
Maico / Chassis, Plastic / Maico
Maico Budget Front Mudguard

Minimum quantity for "Maico 80 - 86 Red Budget Front Fender" is 1.

Maico 78-81 Red Front Number Plate (Heavy Duty!)

CODE: MO-6555 & 6251 Red

In stock
Maico Only / Chassis, Plastic / Maico
Maico 78-81 Front Number Plate

Minimum quantity for "Maico 78-81 Red Front Number Plate (Heavy Duty!)" is 1.


CODE: MO-00232

£189.00   £169.00
In stock
Chassis, Fuel / Maico, Mikuni
36mm round slide 38mm round slide 36mm round slide taper bore add £20 38mm round slide taper bore add £20 38mm flat side  add £70 More

Minimum quantity for "Carburetors" is 1.

Magura Dogleg Clutch/Brake Lever

CODE: MO-01957

In stock
Aluminium / Controls, Chassis, Cables, Brake / Husqvarna, Honda, CZ, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ossa, Montessa, Maico, Magura, Kawasaki
Magura Levers

Minimum quantity for "Magura Dogleg Clutch/Brake Lever" is 1.

Maico S1 490 Race Engine

CODE: MO-490 s1 engine

£3,500.00   £3,299.00
In stock
Maico Only / Maico
Maico S1 490 Race Engine Here is your chance to purchase a S1 490 Maico Only engine fully rebuilt and ready to be raced! grab this bargin while... More

Minimum quantity for "Maico S1 490 Race Engine" is 1.

Maico Fork Springs new

CODE: MO-00136

In stock
Suspension / Maico
Quality mor Fork springs 38mm and 42mm available, call for spec..all weights available

Minimum quantity for "Maico Fork Springs new" is 1.

Maico Only Billet Rear Brake Plates

CODE: MO-rear billet brake plate

In stock
Maico Only / Aluminium / Brake, Billet / Maico
Maico Only Rear Billet Brake Plates The all new Billet Rear brake plates complete with all inserts this engineered & lightweight rear plate looks... More

Minimum quantity for "Maico Only Billet Rear Brake Plates" is 1.

Front Forks Complete

CODE: MO-01985

In stock
Suspension, Chassis / Maico

Minimum quantity for "Front Forks Complete" is 1.

Maico 81 Red High Gloss Plastic Kit

CODE: MO-81 Red kit

In stock
Maico Only / Plastic, Chassis / Maico
Maico 81 High Gloss Plastic Kit